Anonymous said: What kind of boyfriend Matt would be

Matt would be the type to not really be into PDA but idk why I imagine him being really cuddly and stuff like he would love to just stay wrapped up with you in blankets and NOSE KISSES omg he would always be peppering your face with those soft lips. I think you would be like best friends always messing around and he would always make sure you knew he was there for you

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Anonymous said: What type of dad Matt would be

I think Matt would be the type of dad that would like always be down for embarassing his kids for the fun of it. I think he would love to whip out baby pictures and cheer extra loudly etc. I definitly see him as a laid back parent not really minding what his kids do but he’d know when to put his foot down and say enough is enough but usually he would spend his time making his children laugh

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Anonymous said: What type if dad you think Shawn would be?

Send in blurbs please!!

Awwww ok, I think he would be the type of protective dad with his daughter like not wanting her to grow up staying his little princess and he would be super strict but only because he doesn’t want anyone to ever hurt her or he would snap their neck. With a son I think he would be encouraging like go to all his sport events and cheer him on and his son would always go to him for advice and aim to be “strong like daddy” when he was really little.

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Send in blurbs about anything

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Guys we don’t wanna risk it reblog

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avtotheft said: something about the like last week before shawn goes touring and you spend it togeher okok please 💖

As a blurb? If you meant something else just tell me

Ok so we all know Shawn is like the sweetest person ever but I think just before he goes on tour he would want to spend as much time as possible with you for all the time he’ll lose when he’s away. He won’t care what you do he’ll just want you to be there with him. I imagine he would make you spend every night a week before tour going over to one of your houses and just cuddling watching some netflix but because he had spent so much time on the last day he would be super upset and wouldn’t talk all day because it would sink in that he wouldn’t have you with him for a long time

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Send in blurbls and i’ll do them pleaseee!!

I wanna start doing loads

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Anonymous said: What happened was some kids were drinking and left all the cans of beer in their room so jj wanted to take it out but jack g asked if he would rather get caught or slapped and he said slapped and that's what Jack g did

^^^^^^^^^^ so it was all a joke…?

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Anonymous said: Could you please explain me the whole Jack g slapping Jack j thing ? ^^ And yes I know it happend a long time ago

I really don’t understand it really myself tbh something about them drinking and they had to hide it and Jack G asked Johnson if he would rather be caught or slapped and he said slapped so he slapped him and i’m pretty sure I made that all up don’t trust me

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idk I think it’s cute plus he looks hot in this picture (Which is not my so cred to whoever)

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