Anonymous said: Does Gilinsexy have sisters?? If so, could you please post a pic of them? I have no clue what they're names are or what they look like 😔

Hahah I love the way you say his name! And I know he has sisters but I know nothing about them! I think he has two and that’s all I know sorry!

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Click here fore more of my prefs/imagines!

Cred for GIF to jacksgilinsky

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Tumblr won’t let me post my imagine grrrrr

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would you wanna runaway too, cos all i really want is you…. 🎶

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Anonymous said: Wow ur blog is literally amazing! Like i just was looking around and now I'm like stuck on urs! Like ZAYUM bae I'm in love with it! Lml (btw: Gilinsky is fucking bae!🙌)

Awww you’re the nicest person ever! I’m so happy you like my bloah ahhhh!!!! YES GILINSKY ALL THE WAYY xx

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Anonymous said: do you think mahogany and aaron are dating?

Awwwwwh that would be so cute, but idk i don’t think so and I still ship her with Jacob

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boggab21 said: i really love your blog so much,i am obsessed with it. do you think any of the boys would date a girl with really curly red hair like mahongany's.

Thank you! And Yess!! I think they would! Especially Sam and Nash

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Anonymous said: would you see the boys dating a girl who's nerdy(in a good way), laid-back and caring on the outside and crazy, loud, goofy and annoying at times on the inside, cos thats me lol 😂 btw your blog is life and i love you 👑

I love you more and I think Matt or Shawn would love that type of girl xx

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Anonymous said: Do you think Jack G has a girlfriend? Do you believe the rumours?

I haven’t hard any rumours and I wont believe them unless he says it himself :D

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