Suddenly all my friends : wow 5sos is really good

me : yeah i know, i told you more than a year ago 

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Anonymous said: If you haven't heard Gilinsky had slapped Johnson because Johnson had wanted to make a vine with alcohol and he wanted to discard the evidence with all the fans around but Gilinsky then asked if he wanted to make a fine or get slapped he chose to make a vine so Gilinsky slapped him 😁😁.

I don’t think I really get that loool could you exaplin it again? haha

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Anonymous said: do you take requested images? xx

I don’t do personal imagines however you can suggest the next boy that I do and even a short scenario if you like xx

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Anonymous said: Can you make a "favorite way to kiss the boys" thingy? ☺️


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Anonymous said: Can you do a Shawn imagine?


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Anonymous said: I ship you with cam bae;) Can you ship me? I'm 4'11 15yrs I have long curly ombré hair, freckles, I speak Spanish and I'm a little shy but very fun to be around when I'm comfortable with some one:) Thanks <3

Matthew or Hayes :) and thanks

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learnedtosayfuckit said: Why is everyone saying jack g hit Johnson? Why what happened?

What? I have not heard this

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Anonymous said: What's Lauren's Instagram?

idk sorry

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Luke Hemmings with Anthony Halwagy [x]

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